Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here we go: 8/19

Well, I've just gotten home from dropping the kids off at school. While I was gone I took a walk (it felt sooo good!) and stopped at the store to grab some ribs (they were on sale for .99/lb and today is the last day). Here are the plans for the rest of my day:

*need to jump in the shower to rinse sweat off!
*start in on the cabinet under the bathroom sink..can't even tell you the last time I cleaned under there!
*scrub entire bathroom down...toilet, sink, bathtub/shower doors
*take clothes that have been dry for the past few days out and put them away
*hang clean towels
*put bathroom rugs in wash
*start dinner
*continue with laundry
*make dinner for S to take to dance with her and pack it up
*clean off dining room table
*pick up kids from school
*take S and her friend to dance studio
*bring J & B home for snack and homework
*finish up dinner prep
*dinner with girls
*take B to soccer practice 6-7
*to studio to wait for S to be done @ 8
*home for showers for the girls and bed
*watch the Olympics while folding laundry
*clean up kitchen/prep for breakfast for Wed

So, thats my plan, off I go...

I think I did pretty good today, it took me much longer than I thought to really deep clean that bathroom, I still have to do the tub, but will take the Comet and a sponge in with me when I take a shower. There was kitty litter everywhere..looks like S is not doing her job all that well with cleaning it out! I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the entire floor...very gross I must say! I also threw away so much "stuff" that we ddin't even remember being under the sink in the cabinet, such pack rats we all are! It is all sparkly clean now though, just waiting for the rugs to get done in the dryer and thats it! YAY!!!

I feel really good about the past 2 days, hall closets clean and the bathroom is nice and shiny, I think I could have this house in shape in the next week if I continue on this pace! I think I could finally get the hang of this stay at home mom thing if I keep it up!!!

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